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who we are

Dr. Danijela Debelić 

conducts medical examinations (brain flow analysis, measurements of heart rate variability etc.) with her team at the LifeUp events.

These measurements allow participants to make physiological changes through tools that can be learned at LifeUp, such as: 

Breathing, meditation and brainwave tuning measurable. 

Here, you will find more information about our seminars.


As part of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s and the LifeUp Events Dr. Debelić has already measured thousands of brains while illustrating and evaluating the changes in real time.


Her scientific work and the resulting knowledge she gained, formed the basis of LifeUp programs. Our LifeUp team expanded on this basis to create effective methods that are easy for everyone to learn - and apply.

The co-founder of LifeUp is a renowned anaesthetist who trains international surgical teams.


Through her many years of professional experience with borderline medical cases, she has often been able to observe how the inner attitude of each respective person affects their survival in almost hopeless situations.


She has been fascinated by these findings ever since seeing firsthand how patients’ inner motivation and mindset combined with easy-to-learn tools have a strong and measurable influence on the physical body. 


During the LifeUp seminars you are also given exciting insights into current research, measurements are performed on participants, and personalized training is given based on the individual brain wave measurements.

Dr. Hans Steinbichler 

Learned about the the connections between mind and body in courses taught personally by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Steinbichler is a certified neuro-change solutions consultant who uses the most effective processes and tools from Dr. Dispenza and other renowned experts to bring about positive changes in companies, teams, and people.

Here you will find more information about our seminars.

Dr. Steinbichler works as a management consultant using a combination of his consulting and mediation experience. His experience derived from work spanning from organizations to individual experiences for individual people.  He believes it makes sense for him to always start at the highest level in change processes - because the CEO (or boss) of every person is the brain.

He is a successful multi-entrepreneur and business consultant and has four decades of global experience in finance, marketing, and leadership. Training, coaching and mediation are among his specialties.


In addition to his professional activities, he has been intensively involved in naturopathy and complementary healing methods for over 20 years. 


He possessed a strong understanding of the connection between body and brain before attending his training with Dr. Joe Dispenza where he further learned, questioned and developed.

what we do

LifeUp's offer is based on modern neuroscientific knowledge and combines the most effective methods for a fulfilling and happy life.


Lectures, seminars, and personal coaching sessions with brain wave and heart rate variability measurements explain in an understandable way how powerful our brains and our thoughts are.


Here you will find all information about our seminars.

Participants learn how to manage them and how to control and change them according to their ideas.

The workshop contents are based on the most modern scientific knowledge (among others by Dr. Joe Dispenza and the NeuroChangeSolutions concept developed by him) and provide insight into the fascinating interaction between brain and body. 

The astonishing potential to influence the biological system of one’s body with thoughts is proven by the placebo effect in numerous medical studies.

The imparting of knowledge and application during the seminar is aimed at practicing conscious “thought management” in everyday life, which is proven to have an impact on the gene level and, if exercised regularly, can lead to a positive and stress-free life.

All content and easy-to-learn techniques are developed by Dr. Med. Danijela Debelić and

Dr. Hans Steinbichler and are presented in an interesting and humorous way.

With selected LifeUp programs you will also receive individual QEEG brain waves or HRV measurements as well as personal counseling sessions based on them.

QEEG - Brain Wave Measurement (brain mapping)

Brain wave measurement or quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) provides a record of brain activity, such as frequency and amplitude of the brain waves in the interaction of the different areas of the brain. The results are presented in the form of graphics, so-called brain maps.

Your personal brain measurements are compared to a comprehensive database of pre-existing and analyzed QEEG measurements. This makes it possible to identify above-average active and possibly contaminated brain areas.
This identifies which areas call for special attention and in which areas support is advisable. Furthermore, recommendations can be derived on how to keep the brain healthy in old age.

After evaluating the measurements, at the beginning and end of the seminar you will get (within approximately 14 days)  an extensive personal analysis and advice.

This specifically addresses the needs of your brain and explains individual ways to increase memory, increase concentration, memory, possibilities of self-controlled relaxation and restful sleep.

Here you will find more information about our seminars.

Heart Rate Variability Measurement (HRV)

The heart rate provides information about the health status of an organism and the nervous system in particular. The rhythm of the heartbeat changes becoming faster or slower dependent on mood. In the healthy state, this adjustment happens quickly. If this functionality is disturbed, for example, by permanent stress load, the change is sluggish. The examination of the heart rate therefore provides information about the actual stress level of the body.

Our partners

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Founder of NCS (NeuroChangeSolutions), has been involved in neuroscience and its effects on our minds and bodies for over 30 years.

 Dr. Joe Dispenza is a bestselling author, international lecturer and developed the NCS workshop to support internal and external change processes.

After rigorous application, selection and qualification procedures, Dr. Dispenza personally certified trainers to pass on this knowledge.

Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann


arbeitet in seiner psychotherapeutischen Praxis unter anderem mit Atemtherapie, Körper- & Emotionalarbeit, Aufstellungen und systematische Therapie, Paartherapie, Traumaheilung, Peakstates-Arbeit

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Steinbichler


Fascination - fire run seminars

Fire Up Imagination, Passion, Life !

Hanni Reichlin

 Further training and trips on the topics of meditation and TCM

Dr. Gabriele Von Gimborn

Seminar and training center, holistic medicine doctor

Momanda GmbH

Here you will find more information about our seminars.

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