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LifeUp - Basic Workshop

A 3-day workshop based on the latest scientific knowledge (including from Dr. Joe Dispenza) Including QEEG - brain measurement with personal advice.

LifeUp - Basic Workshop
LifeUp - Basic Workshop

Zeit und Ort

Time is TBD

Vienna, to be announced

Über die Veranstaltung

The contents are based on the most modern scientific knowledge (among others by Dr. Joe Dispenza and the NeuroChangeSolutions concept developed by him) and provide insight into the fascinating interaction between brain and body.


The imparting of knowledge and skills during the seminar aims to practice conscious “thought management” in everyday life, which makes stress a foreign word and significantly improves your quality of life.

All information and easy-to-learn techniques are provided by Dr. Hans Steinbichler presented in an interesting and humorous way.


At the end of the seminar, your brain waves are measured and evaluated using QEEG.

You will receive a written report within approx. 14 days, which you will receive in the course of a personal consultation (via video conference) with Dr. Debelić.

After measuring thousands of brains, she is an expert in making individual recommendations for exercises to optimize your “current state”.


If you book a LifeUp Intensive seminar after a LifeUp Basic, the seminar fee is reduced by € 320.00 incl. VAT if the "Basic QEEG measurement" is to be used instead of the initial measurement of the LifeUp Intensive program.


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