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The exact date is TBD


The location of the event follows.

LifeUp - intensive workshop

A 6-day program based on the latest scientific knowledge (including from Dr. Joe Dispenza), with easy-to-learn LifeUp tools and plenty of time to relax. Including 2 (pre / post) QEEG - brain measurements with personal advice.

LifeUp - intensive workshop
LifeUp - intensive workshop

Zeit und Ort

The exact date is TBD

The location of the event follows.

Über die Veranstaltung

The contents are based on the most modern scientific knowledge (among others by Dr. Joe Dispenza and the NeuroChangeSolutions concept developed by him) and provide insight into the fascinating interaction between brain and body.


The imparting of knowledge and skills during the seminar aims to practice conscious “thought management” in everyday life, which makes stress a foreign word and significantly improves your quality of life.


All information and easy-to-learn techniques provided by Dr. Hans Steinbichler are presented in an interesting and humorous way. Dr. Danijela Debelić also presents at this seminar and reports on her exciting findings from thousands of brain measurements.


At the beginning and end of the seminar, your brain waves are measured and evaluated using QEEG.

You will receive a written report within approx. 14 days, which you will receive via personal consultation (video conference) with Dr. Debelić.

After measuring thousands of brains she is an expert in making individual recommendations for exercises to optimize your current state.

By comparing the measurements at the beginning and at the end of the seminar, you can see to what extent the methods learned have already had an impact on your starting situation during the seminar days and which exercises should be reinforced or added.


If you have already completed a LifeUp Basic Workshop including brain mapping, this can be used as a basis for comparison with the final measurement of the LifeUp Intensive Program.

In this case you will receive a discount of € 320.00 (including VAT) on the participation fees.


The comprehensive content at a glance:

Look into your brain (2 brain scans at the beginning and end of the seminar) Lectures Introduction and basic concepts of neuroscience Conscious and unconscious thinking - placebo effects Models of personality and personal reality Interplay between thoughts as the language of the brain and feelings as the language of the body Survival and design mode - coping with stress and dependencies on the environment, body, and time Our three brains and their functions Consciously controlling our brain wave activity Managing personal change Neuroplasticity Intestine and brain The energy field and the 7 energy centers What is coherence Practical tools with a demonstrable improvement in the quality of life Practice units Roadmap for integrating what you have learned into everyday life Personal consultation via video conference with an expert from the brain measurement team with analysis of your personal brain measurement. Documents, literature recommendations, videos and much more

· In addition to this offer, you can also take individual measurements of your heart rate variability, as well as personal consultations with Dr. Debelić or Dr. Steinbichler.


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