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Understand Your Brain
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About life up

understand your brain ..create your life!

LifeUp is based on the latest neuro-scientific knowledge and combines the most effective methods for a full and happy life.

LifeUp addresses the following questions:

  • How does our brain affect our body?

  • How do our thoughts affect us?

  • How can we control our brain?

  • How can we establish desired changes in the long term?

If you want to learn more about it, you've come to the right place!

In Our lectures, seminars and personal coaching sessions with brain wave and heart variability measurements, convey explain in an understandable way how much influence our brain and our thoughts have on our quality of life.


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The basics

The neuroscientific model created for each individual participant in our workshops illustrates the power of their neuronal potential. 

We present each participant with tools that allow them to use the models to make positive changes in all areas of life.

Brain wave measurements and heart rate variability measurements allow for the provision of individualized advice, and also provides a visual illustration of the effect of the techniques learned by participants.

Participants will learn how thoughts, brain waves and consequently their entire body are constantly interacting with one another.

The brain


Often everything in everyday life revolves around "more" - more work, more emails, more performance ... more activities.


However, our brain is not made for multitasking, and stress causes permanent damage to it.


It has been proven that we can learn better and are able to better process and store what we have learned, when we are in the most relaxed (brain) state possible.


Therefore, LifeUp teaches seminars explaining how to meet the challenges of everyday life with ease and joy.

Content and goals:

  • Insight into the fascinating interplay between brain and body

  • Change on a mental level

  • Exercise conscious thought management in everyday life


Learn and apply simple but highly effective methods for:

  • A stress-free everyday life

  • Advanced emotional competence 

  • Clarity in communication

  • Fulfilled relationships

  • Increase in joie de vivre and quality of life


LifeUp Tools are easy to implement immediately and sustainably in everyday life, and are proven to effectively increase quality of life.

Our methods are based on scientific principles and combine, among other things, coherent breathing, conscious rethinking, targeted stress relief in "crisis situations", and meditation.

The effectiveness of the mix of methods has been verified numerous times using brain mapping and heart rate variability measurements.


At selected LifeUp seminars  you can also be tested and advised.



LifeUp seminars

We offer 3 different intensive workshops based on those of Dr. Joe Dispenza and LifeUp-created content:

  • NCS - NeuroChangeSolution
    2-day workshop

  • LifeUp 3-day basic workshop

  • LifeUp 6-day intensive workshop


Each workshop enables you to take your personal or professional development, and your well-being to a new level!

Find out how the interplay of thoughts and biochemical processes influences everyday life and how you can use this knowledge to bring about sustainable changes and problem solving yourself.

The seminars are led by Dr. Danijela Debelić and Dr. Hans Steinbichler. The content is easy to understand and is humorous, so that it is easy to remember and can be integrated into your life immediately.

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